Consulting and Projects


From business consulting, to implementation, including the development, integration, and Outsourcing


Worldnet 21, has the experience and a team of highly qualified professionals, which enables us to meet their needs, performing tasks ranging from business consulting to solution implementation, to application development, integration, training and operational assistance, both internal and third party products.

We offer professional advice on the development of applications based on proper planning, monitoring, and rapid deployment.

  • Consulting, implementation, customization, and application development for own and third party products.
  • Infrastructure design and communications networks to its implementation, tuning, and support, and integration with existing backend systems.
  • Development of custom applications, integrals projects, solutions adapting themselves or others.
  • Programming languages: C, C ++, Unix, Linux, Java, J2EE, XML/XSL


Development, management and monitoring of all phases of a project
  • Viability Study
  • Planning and schedule definition
  • Development
  • Test
  • Put into production
  • Support



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