Mobile Services Platform


The mobile services platform that raises Worldnet21, integrates all the services needed to implement a solution that meets all the needs of a company in the field of mobility.


Why mobility?

Employees displaced need to be in constant contact with their business information, consult your product changes regarding stocks or price lists, to streamline decision-making./p>


  • Increased productivity - in any (free space) can advance work.
  • The workers are better informed and have more information (internet, intranet, email, etc..)
  • To improve customer service, (to better prepare meetings, answer any questions quickly, avoid unnecessary meetings, etc.)
  • Lower costs, less displacements, reduced response times, eliminating the unnecessary tasks...


Vertical solutions
  • Sales force
  • Retail Industry
  • Textile Industry
  • Occupational Risks Prevention
  • Maintenance
  • Security Forces
  • (...)


We offer specific security solutions (mobile VPN, antivirus, data encryption), backup mobile data, bluetooth location and third-party vertical solutions that integrate and which we support.

  • Device Location - Verne21 is a location platform, and download specific content to mobile devices.
  • Suite of security tools for mobile devices.
  • Solutions for process improvement or cost savings, in companies with mobile employees (sales force, field work, making, data collection), with K-and K-Prevention Sales.




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